Cherry tomato


A free roaming space sim which puts you in the shoes of a down and out pilot, and then gives you the freedom to earn your riches by performing missions for the various factions, trading or simply shooting other ships and taking their cargo!

  • Gameplay - Gameplay - Freelancer

    Trent may have lost everything, but he can still get a job easily enough. Naturally things go bad and Trent has some rough work ahead. Zac teaches us the business of space America.

  • If there's a term for the escalating number of shady acquaintances one has then it applies to Trent. Our crew are forced to side with the dodgy citizens of the galaxy.

  • Gameplay - Freelancer - Part 6, Freegrinder

    Zac had been saving us from the grind time that is part of the Freelancer experience for this series but it's caught us out here. Trent gets to spend some quality time with Mission Commision as a result.

  • Gameplay - Freelancer - Part 7, Tome Heist

    On the trail of the Proteus Tome an opportunity to thieve it suddenly appears! Trent discovers there's more things people don't want to tell him.

  • Gameplay - Freelancer - Part 8, Blindly Accepting

    Things were beginning to get weird and now they only get weirder. More strange acquaintances, alien technology and unusual encounters await Trent and co.

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