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Saladcast 40 - Gears of SPAZmares

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I don't know about nature. It's alive, varied and mostly outdoors. 3 things you probably wouldn’t associate with the typical gamer. But here we are, recording a podcast OUTSIDE! Somehow we rattle through a lot of recent releases with little to no hesistancy. Maybe the slight breeze casts Haste upon our vocals?

Zac covers the indie scene once more with the Minecraft Adventure update, completing S.P.A.Z. two more times (jeez) and Blocks that Matter. Dan continues to catch up to Zac in Deus Ex: Human Revolution while Rob continues his Kinect pratfalling in front of Rise of Nightmares and Child of Eden. There’s even a little Gears of War 3, so you should have nothing left to grind... y'know... like "grinds my gears"... nevermind.

In this podcast:

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