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Happysalad presents the Saladcast, a regular gaming podcast. Hailing from the UK, we cover the gamut of video games including PC, console and mobile gaming. New episodes appear fortnightly (or bi-weekly if you prefer, you crazy Yanks).


Happysalad is a collection of guys who once upon a time had far too much time on their hands.

They decided to use this time for the benefit of others and began to create a collection of games using The Games Factory and Multimedia Fusion for enjoyment and ridicule. was born out of a desire to demonstrate their lack of shame by hosting these computational delights, where delights is used loosely, by means of the fledgeling world wide web. Soon the games were not enough and pictures of the crazy fools materialised along with the retro musical stylings of Glacial. Eventually the world was allowed to supply their reposte via a forum.

For a time it was good.

As the waking hours of the fools became swallowed up by life, slipped into obscurity and eventually died of neglect.

Eventually the time came for the elated greens to make a triumphant return, heralded by the very same fools. Spouting forth statements of random and unhinged waffle, the Saladcast has been offering the honest and unrequested commentary on the gaming, entertainment and technology streams of modern society since 2010.

There’s also video foolishness over on Youtube, because that’s still a thing.

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