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Sonic Heroes

Sonic Heroes

Sonic Heroes introduces a character-switching mechanic, with teams of three characters each dividing the work of smashing robots and saving the world between themselves, and with each character contributing their specialty to the team: Speed, Power, or Flight.

  • Gameplay - Sonic Heroes, Part 1 - Team Sonic

    Sonic Heroes seems to have been largely forgotten when bad Sonic games are talked about. Why is that? Zac and Rob aim to break the silence with a complete playthrough... oh joy.

  • Gameplay - Sonic Heroes, Part 2 - Make It Rain

    Sonic and friends continue their pointlessly on foot trek across the planet in pursuit of Eggman. This time we have canyons, rails, vertical platforming and team deathmatch... all the best stuff in a Sonic game (sarcasm). Join Zac and Rob being relieved of their will.

  • Gameplay - Sonic Heroes, Part 3 - So Spooky

    Team Sonic make their way through a mysterious hanging castle because it's in the way and isn’t really that spooky and... OH MY EYES! THEY MELT! ...then there’s a selection of flying fish fortresses. Sonic Heroes is starting to wear Zac and Rob down.

  • Gameplay - Sonic Heroes, Part 4 - Take This

    Perseverance is definitely a requirement to success in this game. Having been beaten by the Final Fortress before Zac and Rob have another stab at finishing the Team Sonic story in Sonic Heroes on the PC. Now presented in 60FPS.

  • Zac and Rob make a start on Team Dark's travels to find they are much the same the Team Sonic’s. The only major difference is the mystery of why Shadow, Rouge and Omega are even bothering. We just don’t know.

  • Gameplay - Sonic Heroes, Part 6 - Phewaa!

    Whilst making his way through more awkward versions of the same places Team Sonic are travelling through... somehow... Shadow discovers his identity via timely, unexplained prop placement and then kinda denies it for a bit. Team Dark continue their mostly pointless journey.

  • Gameplay - Sonic Heroes , Part 7 - To DIE For

    Shadow begins to realise the nature of his existence and Rob forgets all about it. It's Part 7 of Zac and Rob’s blundering through Sonic Heroes on the PC.

  • Gameplay - Sonic Heroes, Part 8 - I’m Not Real

    With Shadow coming over the crest of Mount Existential Crisis, Team Dark can focus on getting done whatever it is they want to get done. Zac and Rob make them do some stuff.

  • Let's start this nightmare again but this time following the characters who are most likely to lose someone close to them, again and again again. Clumsy fools. Team Rose at least make it easy on Zac and Rob to progress a bit more quickly.

  • Gameplay - Sonic Heroes, Part 10 - A Chaonapping

    It's time for the next pointless and partially canonically impossible segment of Sonic Heroes to come to an end as Team Rose confront Eggman in an attempt to rescue their friend things.

  • Will Team Chaotix, who identify themselves as detectives, discover just what is up with their client? Will they get paid? Will Charmy make any freakin' sense? Zac and Rob keep digging with the final part in the Team Chaotix arc.

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