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Sonic Adventure

Sonic Adventure

Sonic the Hedgehog and friends finally returned to the spotlight in this 1999 Dreamcast launch title.

  • It might not be the best idea to start another complete play through whilst we're still working on Final Fantasy VII but we’re going to anyway.

    We ask how does Sonic transition to 3D gaming? Where is Station Square? Why are there humans here? None of these are answered in Part 1 of our look at Sonic Adventure on the Dreamcast.

  • After the conclusion of the Sonic campaign, Sonic Adventure encourages us to see things from Tails' perspective. Like all good stories (which this isn’t) the account according to Tails is a bit different from Sonic’s.

  • As the last remaining echidna on The Floating Island, Knuckles must have some real pearls of wisdom, handed down through the generations, to share with us all.... right? Zac and Rob experience the story of Sonic Adventure according to Knuckles.

  • Of what significance is Amy to the story of world domination, chaos emeralds and water monsters? See how shopping, theme parks and a brief stint in jail shaped the fate of Station Square.

  • Gameplay - Sonic Adventure, Part 6 - Big Eyes

    Big the Cat shuns the public to such an extent that every part of recording his episode of Sonic Adventure was influenced by his spirit. Recording was dodgy, audio out of sync, encoding process doing whatever it wanted... you're lucky you get to see this at all.

  • All of the characters have completed their own journeys but one thing is still unresolved. Time to sort it out with a bright yellow bullet. Zac and Rob close the book on Sonic Adventure.

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